russian culture,
go fuck yourself
The systemic russian aggression against Ukraine culminated with the invasion on the 24th of February. Our toxic neighbour colonizer has been trying to erase our identity and appropriate our history and achievements for centuries. The russian monopoly on the right to represent the culture of all countries and peoples within the tsarist empire and the USSR made Ukrainian art invisible to the world. It would seem that now it's time for Ukrainian voices to be finally heard. However, we noticed another tendency while talking with foreign colleagues and viewers. A boycott of russian culture is seen as sensitive content for a large part of Western society. It is perceived in the same way as the atrocities committed by the russian army featured in someone's carefree Instagram feed. International festivals now often show our animation, but at the same time, they express support for russian authors. Sometimes they even encourage Ukrainians to thank the mythical fighters against putin's regime, thereby depreciating our ancient and current colonial traumas.

The answer to this "culture beyond politics" approach is given in our festival trailer. All phrases used by its characters are real quotes. They belong to very different russians: famous intellectuals, bloggers with millions of followers, cultural figures, athletes and "ordinary" commentators from social media. Various studies attest the feverish support that the russian federation citizens express toward the war against Ukraine. So how many times do you have to open a Matryoshka doll to find a "good Russian" inside? Ukrainians can only make fun of it.

We do not seek the destruction of russian culture. We want to get out of its shadow at last. But for the victims to be able to speak, the aggressor must be silenced first. At least temporarily. Until we win.

This year's festival topic is SENSITIVE CONTENT

Concept: Mate Agency
Directing and animation: Feldman Sisters
Sound: KBT
Voice over: Tak Treba Production