OLX is a platform where people can sell things they don't need anymore.
We had a task: tell people that these things can be a treasure for someone else. So it's much better to sell it instead of storing them in the attic. It was one condition: use only stock video. But even in these frames, we found a way to create a full-fledged story.
We found an insight that people who are sorting their shelves usually are not honest to themselves. They often give things a second, third, or even tenth chance (even knowing that they will not use it)
We decided to volume their voice of reason and make the heroes face the truth: admit that some things are no longer needed and it's time to sell them. To make each story sound more catchy we found phraseological units that highlighted the hero's situation & products which he must sell.
In the end, we assembled 4 videos for 4 product categories with unique stories.